Support Groups

Wisdom Therapy Institute offers a safe and secure environment for groups of men, women, and men and women to meet and offer one another support not only in difficult and trying circumstances, but also in successfully converting painful experience into wisdom that can be applied every day. Having other people present who understand what you are going through, and can offer their perspective, can help lessen the burden and provide new ways of looking at a situation. Our goal is to not only help you cope with your circumstances, but also help you take on and develop new tools that can be very effective for a variety of challenges.

Support Groups are 12 weeks in length, and are focused on developing new ways of working with difficult problems that help you discover your own wisdom and learn to make the most of the wisdom other people have to offer.

The Institute offers support groups for:
Grief and loss
Transitions (such as job loss)
Dating and Forming Relationships
Preparing for Marriage, Enlightened Divorce
Body-Wisdom and Movement
Parenting Children with Wisdom
Parenting Teens with Wisdom
Living with AIDS
Returning Veterans
The Families of Veterans

The Institute also offers ongoing support groups for men and for women that provide a place and a circle of people who will be fully present when a person decides it is time to speak from the heart. Our men’s groups and women’s groups are led by professionals who have made working with men or with women their life’s work. A minimum of a 12-week commitment is required.


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